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VEINews; a new heading
The VEINews rubric is now incorporated in Phlebolymphology and may take various forms such as comments on a recent international publication (the most common) or on several  publications on the same topic. It might also be controversial views of 2 authors on the same publication, or a state-of-the-art article on a timely topic.
In this issue, Prof Djorge RADAK (Belgrad, Serbia); Drs Ramesh K TRIPATHI and  Himanshu VERMA (Bangalore, India), and Dr Javier LEAL MONEDERO (Madrid, Spain)  will comment on the following publications:

  • “How specific are venous symptoms for diagnosis of chronic venous disease?” authored by Van der Velden S, Shadid N, Nelemans P, Sommer A. Phlebology. 2014 Jan 3. (Epub ahead of print).
    Commented by Prof Djorge RADAK and Srdjan BABIC (Belgrad, Serbia)
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  • “Endovenous management of venous leg ulcers” authored by Raju S, Kirk OK, Jones TL. J Vasc Surg: Venous and Lym Dis 2013;1:165-73.
    Commented by Drs Ramesh K Tripathi and Himanshu Verma (Bangalore, India)
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  • “Clinical results after coil embolization of the ovarian vein in patients with primary and  recurrent lower-limb varices with respect to vulval varices” authored by Castenmiller PH, de  Leur K, de Jong TEAM, van der Laan L. Phlebology 2013;28:234-8.
    Commented by Dr  Javier LEAL MONEDERO (Madrid, Spain)
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