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The Medical Reporters’ Academy (MRA) is an international group of young specialists with a core interest in venous disease drawn from various fields including dermatology and internal medicine in addition to the more directly related areas of angiology and vascular surgery, not to mention phlebology itself. Each year, they are invited to report from international congresses of interest to venous disease specialists.

The goal of the MRA is to act as an authoritative first-hand source of state-of-the-art information for clinicians who cannot attend every international congress they would like or who miss parallel presentations at those congresses.
We warmly thank the MRA members who performed a great task.

We hope this report will not only allow those who could not attend all the recent congresses to read the highlights of the meetings and benefit from the outstanding presentations and discussions held during these events, but will also facilitate the dissemination of knowledge.

Wishing you a good reading,

The Daflon International Team