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It was a great honor to welcome the one thousand physicians and scientists who participated in the XXVthWorld Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA) in Prague. The old European city of Prague, which is at the crossroads of many cultural influences and historical events, was also the ideal setting for the intensive exchanges that took place during the congress between worldwide vascular specialists and representatives of many vascular societies.

As well as lectures, round-table discussions, symposia, interactive teaching sessions, e-poster and free paper presentations, the IUA program included the presentation of new guidelines for the treatment and investigation of vascular diseases by several societies. Issuing guidelines is, of course, one of the leading missions of the IUA, but the dissemination of new, specialized knowledge among the multidisciplinary experts in the field is a continuous challenge that the IUA has to undertake.

Meetings like the XXVth World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA) in Prague are among the most important ways of transmitting information and knowledge. This is a unique occasion to exchange with colleagues from all parts of the World.

The initiative of Servier to report on such an important congress, thereby keeping all venous specialists fully informed, meets the aims of the IUA. Bringing a group of young specialists of different geographical and disciplinary origins to the meeting, so that they can report on a wide selection of presentations, not only facilitates the dissemination of knowledge but also gives incentives to a new generation of specialists to keep going in the right direction. This report will allow those who could not attend the congress to read the highlights of the meeting and benefit from the outstanding presentations and discussions held during these 4 days. Written on the spot under the chairmanship of Andrew Nicolaides, this report should be greeted and encouraged.

We hope you enjoy the read.

President of the XXVth World Congress of the IUA