Phlebolymphology N°104 – Editorial

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Dear Readers,

In this new issue of Phlebolymphology, you will find the articles as below:

M. E. Vuylsteke (Belgium) provides an overview on iliac vein compression–a common anatomic disorder affecting more than 20% of the adult population–by explaining the historical perspective, its clinical presentation, and the methods of treatment.

J. H. Ulloa and S. Cifuentes (Colombia) present an up-to-date review on phlebolymphedema to raise awareness of this disease, which has been underdiagnosed and poorly treated, and to show the need for new studies that compare treatment and diagnostic methods so that a consensus about treatment approach can be established.

Perforator veins of the knee can be responsible for reticular veins, telangiectases, and varicosities around the knee, but they are frequently underdiagnosed and missed by the phlebologists and the sonographers because of their tiny size. J. F. Uhl (France) proposes a systematization of these atypical perforator veins and discusses their possible role in phleboarthrosis.

VEIN STEP is an international, observational, prospective study assessing the effectiveness of conservative treatments for the relief of chronic venous disease (CVD) symptoms and their impact on quality of life (QOL). T. M. Zoubida (Morocco) and J. H. Ulloa (Colombia) share the study results collected in Moroccan patients, which provide large-scale data from a real-life Moroccan setting using both patient- and physician-reported outcomes.

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Editorial Manager
Dr H. Pelin Yaltirik