Phlebolymphology N°91 – Foreword

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The Medical Reporter’s Academy is comprised of an international group of young specialists in dermatology, vascular surgery, angiology, and/or phlebology who all have a keen interest in venous disease. Each year, Servier invites the Medical Reporter’s Academy to cover one of the most important international congresses for venous disease specialists. This year, the IUA-SMV congress, which was held in Lyon, France, was selected because the congress involved renowned international and national experts and young health care professionals. Therefore, this congress was a unique opportunity for interactions and discussions. Together, with Andrew Nicolaides, the chairman of the group, they explored the program of the congress, selected the most interesting sessions to attend, and wrote short reports after each session. These reports are provided in this issue of Phlebolymphology.

We hope that this issue will be beneficial for those who did not attend the congress.

This issue has been possible due to the commitment and hard work of the Medical Reporter’s Academy throughout the congress to provide the chairman with reports of excellent quality.

We would like to thank Andrew Nicolaides for his work and each member of the Medical Reporter’s Academy: José Daniel Brandao, Daciana Branisteanu, José Benhur Parente, Roman Bredikhin, Daniela Mastroiacovo, Mustafa Sirlak, Stanislava Tzaneva, Robert Vlachovsky.

Wishing you a good reading,

The Daflon International Team