Phlebolymphology N°95 – Editorial

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Dear Readers,

In this new issue of Phlebolymphology, Jorge H. Ulloa, Daniel Guerra, Luis G. Cadavid, Diego Fajardo, and Rubén Villarreal (Colombia) present the results of the Vein Act Program of Colombia. This program is an international, observational, prospective, multicenter survey that is endorsed by the European Venous Forum. The survey assessed patient compliance with nonoperative treatments and their effects on the symptoms of chronic venous disorders.

As there is a rapid growth in the number of interventions with venous stenting, William Marston (USA) describes an initial classification system for venous outflow obstruction with recommendations to improve this system, which requires prospective validation, in order to fill the void that currently exists.

Lourdes Reina Gutierrez (Spain) provides an overview of the methods for preventing complications and side effects of sclerotherapy of the lower limb veins with respect to the guidelines and international recommendations.

Philippe Lemasle (France) highlights the importance of obtaining a definition of venous obstruction in a common, consensual, and international language to avoid possible therapeutic ambiguity in practice.

Byong-Boong Lee (USA) discusses the contemporary concepts regarding the management of chronic lymphedema, which encompass a broad range of currently available treatment options both old and new.

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Editorial Manager
Dr. H. Pelin Yaltirik