Phlebolymphology N°98 – Editorial

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Dear Readers,

In this new issue of Phlebolymphology, René MILLERET (France) presents the future perspectives concerning the treatment of varices by endovenous procedures focusing on the new gold standard treatments in the years to come.

Sclerotherapy remains one of the most commonly used procedures for eliminating dilated intradermal and varicose veins. Vadim BOGACHEV (Russia) reports the beneficial results of using micronized purified flavonoid fraction for preventing adverse events after sclerotherapy of reticular veins and telangiectases in routine clinical practice settings.

Fedor LURIE (USA) provides an overview regarding the different pieces of the venous disease puzzle and discusses how to connect, recognize, and investigate in depth the relationships between the “acute” and “chronic” components of this condition.

Marianne De MAESENEER (Netherlands) highlights the key points that should be known by a phlebologist about anterior accessory saphenous veins.

Jean Luc GERARD (France) and Fedor LURIE (USA) use evidence to debate about whether or not to use compression therapy after sclerotherapy.

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Editorial Manager
Dr H. Pelin Yaltirik